Shalom Brooklyn. God is accomplishing miraculous things among the Jewish people in our lifetime. Not only have the Jewish people returned to their ancient homeland, but even more importantly, studies show that more Jewish people today are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than at any other time in history. Right before our very eyes we are witnessing what the Biblical prophets, as well as many godly men and women throughout history, have looked forward to! This summer you too can be a part of God’s grand design for the Jewish people in a unique and tangible way. In July 2016, Chosen People Ministries will host our annual Shalom Brooklyn outreach in New York City’s most historic Jewish neighborhoods. During this time, college students, church groups, Christian leaders, and individuals from across the country will gather in Brooklyn for one week of hands-on evangelism and Jewish cultural immersion. Through street evangelism, literature tables, sports camps and music ministry we will have an opportunity to sow the seeds of the Gospel among New York’s thriving Jewish population, which numbers well over 2 million Jewish people. As of today, many of these Jewish people have never heard a Gospel presentation given from a uniquely Jewish perspective. During Shalom Brooklyn you will have an opportunity to work alongside veteran missionaries to the Jewish people, and to participate in daily training work-shops geared towards equipping you with everything you need to become an even more effective witness to God’s chosen people.  You can then carry these lessons with you for a lifetime of fruitful outreach no matter where God takes you in the future. We are confident that as you step out in faith to reach Jewish people with the Good News of their Messiah, God will bless you in profound ways. You will hear many encouraging testimonies and experience divine appointments that God has set up just for you. Your faith will be strengthened and you will gain a new appreciation of what God is accomplishing among the Jewish people today.    

Come find your joy this summer in reaching out to the Jewish people of New York. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you have the most important message they will ever hear!        

Isaiah 53 Campaign. We are entering the fifth year of our campaign to bring awareness to New York City about the prophecies describing Jesus in Isaiah chapter 53. In this incredible chapter, the Messiah was spoken of over 700 years before He walked the earth. Join us as we use this passage of the Hebrew Scriptures in sharing with the Jewish people of New York. It is a tremendous tool to start conversations!

Varieties of Outreach. Through sports camps, street evangelism, music and drama, lectures, and more, we will show God's love through Jesus in creative and interesting ways throughout Brooklyn and New York City. What is your passion? Is it to witness on the streets? Let us know, and we would love to have you join us in sharing with the Jewish people!

Shalom Brooklyn is a whirlwind of in-depth training, engaging evangelism, and Jewish cultural excursions. Why not use a few days of your vacation to learn about the Jewish people, experience the culture and share the message of salvation? Come work with experienced people and learn how to share the Gospel with the Jewish people of New York. Also, take what you have learned to share with your Jewish friends, in-laws, and co-workers in your own towns and cities. It's a wonderful opportunity to bring your home group or Sunday school class for a ministry adventure! Join with us to engage Jewish people on the streets of New York!


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